Caffé Giamaica, the best Italian coffee in the world. Currently, the 3rd generation of roasters, following in the footsteps of Giovanni Erbisti, roast the coffee on an open flame, making it completely unique in the world. Giovanni Erbisti started running his Veronese factory, Laboratorio di Torrefazione Giamaica Caffé, in 1947, and his nephew Gianni Frasi took over and his family has been carrying on the tradition ever since.  Gianni Frasi, in his manufactory, kept the family tradition alive, even selecting the coffee beans himself, with an obsessive passion and dedication to coffee and his work, living and working according to values that are increasingly rare in today’s world, and was a master of his craft at the highest level. It is no coincidence that it has earned the title of best Italian coffee, which became world famous during Gianni’s lifetime.

The coffee can be found almost exclusively in Michelin-starred restaurants and premium cafés, but only in those deemed worthy by the family. The company supplies to an extremely narrow circle, which is almost impossible to get into. The company does not use the marketing tools and advertising that are common today, it has no website, there are hardly any articles about the coffee, you can taste the coffee and have the experience in the best places worldwide. Here you can taste the flavours of two different coffee growing areas, which blend harmoniously together.


A high mountain volcanic shrub, free of added volatile oils. It has a stronger, more characteristic flavour and higher caffeine content. 100% arabica.


Coffee from the island of Timor in the Indonesian archipelago. Sweet-smelling, mildly acidic coffee with a particularly low caffeine content. 100% arabica.

As with all true artisan products, the quantities that can be produced are very limited, but in our café you can not only enjoy it on the spot, but you can also take Gianni Frasi’s highly acclaimed coffee with you in 1000 gram, 500 gram and 250 gram packs, so you can enjoy this special Italian coffee in your own home! In Budapest, you can get the ground coffee in different sizes to go at Solinfo Café alone. A decaffeinated version is also available.